@ Audience+ our passion is to make mobile accessible for all enterprises.
We strive to help you grow your brand and boost your business performance.

Our client-oriented team is built of an innovative mix of ingredients:


  • An abundance of bright minds & spirits
  • A fair amount of passionate chess players
  • A good deal of creative, out-of-the-box thinkers
  • A pinch of optimistic risk takers
  • A taste of “seen it all” marketing & technology execs
  • And plenty of agile “can” doers

Cédric Reny, General Manager


Founder and CEO of Custom Solutions Group, specialised in digital marketing, Cédric has a solid entrepreneurial and executive background.


Cédric founded Custom Solutions in 1997, introduced the group to Stock Exchange in 2010 and led the group’s expansion in Europe via several company acquisitions. The group has received the « Innovative Enterprise » label by BPI France on several occasions.


In 2017, Custom Solutions Group acquired Audience+ of which Cédric became the General Manager.

Audience plus : Cedric Reny

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