Engage customers and optimise conversions with personalised, automated email notifications.

In any successful omni-channel customer journey strategy, adding context to the conversation is an important part in driving effective communication and personalising the customer experience.


To engage customers and optimise conversions, marketers need to understand cross-channel consumer behaviour and have the ability to reach users across digital channelsMobile, Web and Email.


The Audience+ platform enables you to send automated email notifications, triggered by user action (e.g. abandoned basket, product availability alert), using a simple and user-friendly interface. Leverage advanced segmentation capabilities, dynamic content and powerful analytics to optimise your email campaigns.

Email Push Notification UX

Send automated email notifications in real time or program them for a later date or time. Trigger based on user action

Advanced targeting

Leverage powerful segmentation capabilities to personalise your campaigns. Import external segmentation data

Simple user interface

Compose emails quickly with our user-friendly interface, or simply copy-paste email templates created elsewhere (html or CSS)

Import contact lists

Use lists to easily import your contact data and follow up with email notifications

Dynamic content

Create engaging campaigns with dynamic content (images, videos, emojis etc.)


Detailed reporting to optimise campaign management

Profile management

Flexibility to manage user profiles and their associated rights, for an optimal management of your mobile campaigns


Facilitate campaign management and marketing pressure with a calendar view

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