Time spent in apps dominates mobile usage, but loyalty has to be earned. Brands need the right strategies
in place to acquire, engage and retain users and optimise conversion.


Use insights to pin point where the consumer is at a given moment and have a relevant conversation
with them –  leveraging Audience+ Enterprise™ exclusive functionalities like NBA (next best action), MMI™ (Mobile Media Index)Mobile surveys, and user tolerance.  

Audience plus | preferences push notification

Right message

Audience plus | media branded push

Right audience

Audience plus | mobile coupon

Right context


Send multi-channel automated messages based on any pre-defined scenarios leveraging instant & fresh data.


Personalise your campaigns with real-time user data. Predict your user behaviour to deliver the right message to the right user in the right context.


Optimise engagement, user acquisition, conversion & retention with A/B testing, Best moment & Tolerance

Segmentation & Geo-marketing

Take advantage of rich segmentation capabilities. Target users based on their location, their trajectory. Measure the real drive-to -store impact.


Advanced reporting & performance metrics to optimise campaign engagement


Retarget & redirect the user to your website, your app, or any other platform.

Dialogue & survey

Leverage unique formats to dialogue and run any kind of questionnaire in real time with your user


Manage the real data driven performance of your digital activity.

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