WEB PUSH – A new way to reach customers
and drive engagement, re-engagement and conversion

Web push is an innovative and growing channel, which gives you access to a new audience and breaks through the clutter of other channels. It is a powerful marketing channel to reach, engage, re-engage and convert Mobile and Desktop web visitors in real-time, even when they are not on your website.  


Web push notifications are messages pushed to the subscriber’s browser on mobile, desktop or tablet (no need for an app). After the user opt-in, these messages will appear on the users’ desktop or device, even when they are not using the actual website.  Web push notifications do not prevent App push notifications; they are in fact complementary in building your digital marketing strategy.

Audience plus | delifrance web

Send push notifications in real time or schedule it for a later date or time

Advanced targeting

Personalise your campaigns for better results

Profile management

Flexibility to manage user profiles and their associated rights, for an optimal management of your mobile campaigns.

Deep linking

Send to any URL to improve user’s experience


Target users based on their location.


Detailed reporting to optimise campaign management


Supported on Chrome & Firefox

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