Custom Solutions Group becomes Qwamplify

Custom Solutions (ISIN: FR0010889386 – Mnemonic: ALSOL), a major player in France for digital & data marketing solutions, announces its new name to reflect the group strategy: Qwamplify

Custom Solutions becomes Qwamplify


The 2016 RIO plan, launched in 2013, initiated a strategic transformation of the Group from its historic business lines to a digital and data focus in Europe. In 2018, the historic businesses should represent only 24% of the group activity versus 67% for digital and data marketing. The 7 acquisitions (including Audience+) made since 2010 have accelerated this transformation, building a unique offer on the market.
Qwamplify is the union of two worlds: virtual (digital) and real (consumers). Qwam stands for Quantum, which represents the interactions between the Group’s solutions. In a complex world, we enable organisations to gather knowledge about their consumers, collect and use their data, to amplify their business performance. These two worlds are interconnected: digital in real life.

Qwamplify brings an end-to-end solution to the marketing and digital departments


The Group now supports marketing and digital decision-makers to sell more by activating the right levers both off and online. The new offer meets three essential marketing needs: customer acquisition, engagement and loyalty.
Thus, the Qwamplify Group’s offer now focuses around 3 areas:
1. a Media division (acquisition) with leading solutions in emailing, co-registration, SEA, SMO and push notifications;
2. a Marketing Activation division based on the Group’s historical expertise, sales promotion, and digital customer engagement platforms
3. a Data, CRM & Mobile (loyalty) division with a Customer Relationship Management platform.

A strategy based on technology and services (platforms and data)


The Group’s positioning is unique because of the complementary nature of the businesses it combines, and the digital suite deployed, from Media activation and promotional engagement to loyalty.
The solutions provided by the Group are:

  • proprietary technologies: digital platforms and data
  • service: advisory and creative services, integration and digital transformation. At the forefront of innovation, the Group has just obtained the renewal of its ‘Innovative company’ status with BPI France for a period of 3 years.

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