The right KPI to drive your mobile business and investment.


It is key to understand your app performance and user’s preferences before creating a communications programme, as the goal is to get the consumers to engage with the app, and to boost conversions and sales performance.


That’s why Audience+ Enterprise™ has developed its own algorithm MMI™ (Mobile Media Index™), an index calculated in real-time to measure the engagement of each of your users.


The MMI is the result of several months of R & D of our expert teams in computer and data sciences. It allows to assign an index to each user of an application. According to the evolution of this index, a marketer can reward the active app users, re-engage the ‘sleepy’, and build an engagement strategy while measuring the real ROI of marketing actions.


Audience+ Enterprise MMI is also used for retargeting, to minimise the number of dormant users and user churn and maximise the monetisation value of your app.


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