Deliver the right message to the right user in the right context using advanced segmentation and geo-marketing features.


One of Audience+ Enterprise’s™ strengths is its ability to generate precise customer segments. All the criteria can be combined to create highly targeted and personalised marketing communications or for retargeting purposes.


The main dimensions that structure Audience+ Enterprise segmentation capabilities are:



User behaviours, user preferences and user profile can be combined to target a specific audience group.

Campaign retargeting


Understand the performance of each of your campaigns to optimise your user retargeting strategy. Re-use the most effective engagement strategies in a simple click.

Device & app



The type of device and content consumed on the mobile app are very rich sources of data, which can be accessed for specific targeting to improve your response rate.


Geo-marketing: send location-based push notifications to mobile users. Use GPS-enabled geographic data to trigger a personalised campaign, when a mobile user is entering/leaving a specified zone or dwelling there over a period of time. Geo-fencing complements geo-location with more accurate location-data. It enables mapping the mobile user’s journey and helps to measure drive-to-store impact.

Multi-channel data


Enrich the mobile user profile with your existing customer data to deliver advanced engagement campaigns.


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