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Mobile is changing the Event experience and Mobile apps have given us a new take on how to engage event visitors. Audience+ Enterprise™ allows an interconnection with your event app(s), enriching your understanding of the users and engaging with them in a highly personalised way.

Create meaningful event experiences with personalised event programme and content and improved networking opportunities. Use the intelligence you gather from the event—the visitor profile, activity, and interest information—to create automated targeted follow-up campaigns. Monetise your event app by offering sponsors and advertisers an opportunity to send highly targeted mobile push notifications. Keep your event visitors engaged even when the physical event is over.

Facilitate event registration via automated check-in. Improve visitor onboarding experience and discovery onsite with personalized alerts.

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Audience plus | events 2

Measure event attendee satisfaction in real time with Mobile Push Notification Surveys.

Continue engaging visitors post-event. Follow up leads with highly targeted push notification campaigns.

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