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Mobile is changing the role of market research. Brands and research organisations are increasingly taking advantage of this new channel to measure everything from experience to brand image or buyer behaviour.

Mobile push notification survey is the perfect platform to collect data, analyse it, and react to the consumer’s feedback in real-time. Our unique Mobile Push survey feature offers you a fast, reliable and cost-efficient way to conduct market research and panel surveys. It enables you to easily recruit a panel that is truly representative of your audience and provide them with a native mobile experience mirroring how we use our phone on a daily basis.  

Targeted, personalised and interactive customer satisfaction or retention surveys to get maximum engagement and response rates (typically +20%). Retarget based on survey answers.

Audience plus | market research 1
Audience plus | market research 2

Calculate your NPS (Net Promoter Score) or CES (Customer Effort Score)

Collect, analyse and measure brand awareness, recall and recognition in real time.

Audience plus | market research 3
Audience plus | market research 4

Quantify the impact of out-of-home advertising on in-store visits using our geo-fencing and survey features.

Conduct market research and create panel fast, reliably, and cost-efficiently.

Audience plus | market research 5
Audience plus | market research 6

Gather useful and reliable UX information exploring the reasons why people use your app or visit your website.


Market Research

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