White Paper
Mobile Media Index : make your mobile application go the distance

The challenge

It is well documented, that two apps out of three are uninstalled or unused after three months. This means a 1/3 loyalty customer rate on a given audience. This is known as “churn” and is the loss of existing customers.

How can brands & organisations ensure that their application, which represents a significant investment, doesn’t get lost on the app store abyss or discarded by the end-user?

An anti-churn tool to make your mobile application live in time

If an application was able to identify the moment when the user no longer uses it, or less and less; then the brand would be able to exchange with the user to try and understand why. Preventing him to leave and avoiding losing all the investment it made to acquire him in the first place.

Keys to success

In this white paper, discover the Mobile Media Index™ (MMI™), a performance indicator, which measures your app usage in real-time enabling you to drive your marketing activities and monetise your audience in an optimal way.

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