White Paper
Drive business by retargeting your website visitors with web push notifications

The challenge

As approximately 87% of U.K. consumers shop online (96% in the U.S. and 66% in the EU*) and online sales are increasing year-on-year, retail marketers need communication channels and platforms that have the ability to reach users across devices as they browse online.

Retail and e-commerce websites are constantly exploring re-targeting tools that can help them bring back repeat traffic and boost their conversion metrics.

(Re-)engaging users and driving conversions with Web Push notifications

Web push notifications enable marketers to reach web users — both on Web and Mobile browsers — even when they are not actively using your website and bring them back to your site. They allow marketers to establish a continuous connection with customers and potential customers that have previously visited their website. Unlike mobile app push notifications, web push notifications do not require owning an app.

Keys to success

In this white paper, discover insights, scenarios, and best practices for marketers on the use of Web Push notifications.

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